"The Skywoods Condo at Dairy Farm"

The Skywoods is a new condo launch in Singapore. The Skywoods location is situated at the established private estate of Dairy Farm. The Skywoods floor plan clearly shows that this condo is a stylish and modern work of art. A luxurious and prestigious lifestyle awaits you, the finest in life has to offer.

About The Skywoods

The Skywoods is a brand new luxurious residential development located near Singapore’s famous Dairy Farm Nature Reserve.  It is surrounded by lush greenery environment and some owners may even able to enjoy unblocked panoramic view of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.


Interested to find out where Skywoods condo is located? Visit this page to find out where Skywoods location is at Dairy Farm. The Skywoods a luxurious and beautiful condo…

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